Why I do affordable head shots in Chicago...

Why I do affordable head shots in Chicago...

Growing up we moved repeatedly - about every three years - to a variety of Midwest bastions like Milwaukee and it's suburbs, Minneapolis and Chicago.  This transient upbringing nurtured my interest in people.  

Each person has not just one, but several stories to tell and many sides to their personality.  My creative head shot work here helps showcase your best sides and features, and get your best "face" forward on social media networks.

Currently, I'm a portrait photographer in Chicago.  I've worked for three different photographers.  I love the work, and learn something new about people, posing, lighting and photography every day.  

Choose me to provide you with outstanding portrait images to share for sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, your own blog and a variety of online dating sites.  Really - send me your guy friends who need a decent head shots -  I see on Tinder is pretty rough.  We could do something much better head shots on Tinder for sure.   lol.

Portraits are a great way to get to know people, and I love helping head shot clients in Chicago see themselves in new ways by creating interesting images that last.  

There are hundreds of ways and reasons for you to use and share fresh, updated and affordable head shots of yourself!  In a setting of your choosing.  Let's build something beautiful.